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Welcome to the website about Lublin stand at CeBIT 2013!


About Project "Lublin. Location 2.0."

New, integrated description of the cultural and historical heritage of the city of LublinIt’s a multimedia and hypertextual story that fits into the idea of “smart cities” – radically new urban organisms. That make extensive use of modern technology to manage effectively the dispersed structure of the city in order to improve the quality of life for the inhabitants.
Project Lublin.Location 2.0. shows systems to improve transport and reduce energy use in the intelligent city are important but so are systems that enable people to come into contact with the culture and the cultural history of the city they live in.
A thousand years ago the process of founding cities on our continent began, leading to enormous changes in European civilisation. Now comes a second wave of foundation. This time of smart cities in virtual space, will be decisive in the future of Europe. 
We dedicate this great idea to our city – Lublin, which in 2017 celebrates the seven hundredth anniversary of its foundation.
Tomasz Pietrasiewicz                             
director of the "Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre" Centre

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This is the prototype of a universal description of the cultural and historical heritage of the city.