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If you received a special invitation at Lublin stand at CeBIT 2013 for:

- visiting the exhibition "Lublin. Memory of a Place" at the "Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre" Centre, 
- walking through the Lublin Underground Route,
- taking part in traditional printing workshop in the House of Printing,

please read rules of reservation.

Rules of reservation:
1. Reservation should be made at least 2 weeks before a visit. 
2. There is no warranty that chosen date, hour or workshop will be vacant. If the suggested appointment time is occupied we will propose new, possibly most suitable one.
3. Tours and workshops will be in English.
4. The invitation ticket is required to display at the entrance.
5. The reservation email should contain a word “CeBIT” in a title.


The “Grodzka Gate - NN Theatre” Centre in Lublin invites you to visit the multimedial exhibition “The Memory of the Place” dedicated to Jewish and Polish past in the pre-war Lublin. It is housed in the 14th-century borough gateway that before World War 2 was also called The Jewish Gate. The tour contains a guide service.

The Lublin Underground Trail is a 280-meters touristic route that runs underneath the Market Square and tenements of the Old Town. The route is a combination of over a dozen of ancient basements, old as the beginning of 16th century - the golden age of Lublin. Many of these multilevel cellars were connected by a corridors. That is how the undergrand labyrinth started to exist.


The House of Printing offers the permanent exhibition containing old style machines, tools and equipement used in printing, typesetting and bookbinding workshops, as well as temporary galleries (small graphical forms). The visitor can learn about the history of print and get familiar with traditional techniques of prining. The staff members organize and lead an educational workshops, that allow its’ participants i. a. to set a text matrix and press a print with their own hands.